The Rotational Spectra of Dibromodifluoromethane

Christopher Falls
Christopher Falls

Christopher Falls is a rising senior and prospective double major in Mathematics and Physics. Christopher grew up in Nashville, Tennessee and is an alumnus of Montgomery Bell Academy. At Wesleyan, he has been involved in research in the field of high-resolution molecular spectroscopy with the Novick Group and on campus as member of the WSA. In his free time, Christopher enjoys distance running, reading, creative writing, Dungeons & Dragons, and coding. After graduating, Christopher hopes to attain a Masters in Physical Chemistry or Physics and go on to pursue a research-oriented career in those fields.

Abstract: Dibromodifluoromethane (CBr2F2), a molecule with a potential four-fold internal rotor, has been studied by the Novick group using high resolution Fourier-transform microwave (FTMW) spectroscopy. This project is based on existing research of other molecules involving hydrogen and halogen sources, including H2 MOF and CF3I. The research was designed to prove that Dibromodifluoromethane could serve as the bromine source for Silver bromide (AgBr) and Dihydrogen silver bromide (H2AgBr) but examining the rotational transitions of its Carbon-12 parent isotopes and Carbon-13 isotopes has resulted in an interesting study of the Fluorine monomer.


Christopher Falls (Chemistry)

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