Creating Privacy Labels for the Web

Owen Kaplan
Owen Kaplan

Hi! I’m a rising senior studying Computer Science from Montclair, New Jersey. Outside of my studies, I like to play and watch soccer, cook and enjoy the outdoors. After Wes, I hope to pursue a career in software engineering or maybe go to grad school.


Since its advent, the internet has become an integral part of modern life. Consumers have grown to expect free-to-use content and technology. Thus, the economics of the web ecosystem rely upon advertising revenue that is sourced from user data. However, for most users it is not transparent what happens to their data while using the internet. We approach this problem by (1) creating privacy labels by analyzing HTTP communication and (2) surfacing these labels in an easy-to-understand environment to the user.

We created a proof-of-concept browser extension that identifies and labels privacy practices live as a user browses the web. In our work, we hope to increase the transparency of the web.


Owen Kaplan Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Live Poster Session:
Thursday, July 29th 1:15-2:30pm EDT