Effective Geometry of Urban Road Networks

Abstract: As cities grow more dense, it will be of increasing importance to understand how the structure of urban road networks influences factors such as traffic flows. This project intends to develop a modeling framework to study the effective geometry of flows in spatial networks using tools from Riemannian geometry, which we then hope to … Read more

Creating Privacy Labels for the Web

Abstract: Since its advent, the internet has become an integral part of modern life. Consumers have grown to expect free-to-use content and technology. Thus, the economics of the web ecosystem rely upon advertising revenue that is sourced from user data. However, for most users it is not transparent what happens to their data while using … Read more

Effective Geometry of Urban Travel Patterns

Poster Session Link Abstract: The speed and scale of urbanization brings tremendous challenges to the development of sustainable cities. We hope that our research will yield novel mathematical and computational tools to address major issues in urban planning such as traffic congestions and accessibility. To that end, we are studying the routes that Google Maps … Read more

Greedy Routing in Urban Road Networks

Abstract: The navigation of urban road networks is essential to the transportation of billions of people and trillions of dollars worth of goods each year. In this project we seek to understand these networks through a geometric lens. We examine the effectiveness of greedy routing in ten major cities to establish a connection between network … Read more

Analysis of GPX4 Using Molecular Dynamics Energy Networks

Abstract: Glutathione peroxidase 4 is an enzyme encoded by the human GPX4 gene which protects cells against cell damages related to membrane lipid peroxidation and preserves mitochondrial integrity of forebrain neurons. It opens possibilities of potentially treating Alzheimer’s Disease through elevating the GPX4 protein activity. Even though studies have identified that three kinds of GPX4 … Read more

MD-based Energetic Heat Kernel Analysis: Insights to PDZ Allosterism

Abstract: Allosteric long-range interactions which characterize the conformational and energetic dynamics of many protein systems such as PDZ-domain containing systems proves an important focus in many forms of molecular dynamics (MD) research for understanding the dynamics underlying protein interaction and potential drug delivery pathways. A sector-based analysis identifies a network of residues referred to as … Read more

Recurrence Extraction from Lazy Programs

Abstract: In our work this summer, we addressed the relative lack of knowledge surrounding cost analysis of lazy programs relative to strict programs. The cost of a program can be defined in many different manners, but generally it corresponds with the amount of time required to complete operations in a computer program and it allows … Read more

BLM in the Battleground: An Analysis of Racial Justice-Related Election Ads in Georgia

Abstract: The 2020-2021 Senate elections in Georgia proved to be an historic moment in politics, with the state electing its first pair of Democratic senators since 2005, one of whom was Georgia’s first Black senator. In the midst of a year plagued with news of police-related deaths of people like George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, … Read more

Molecular Dynamics Simulations of the Isoforms of p53

Abstract: The p53 gene acts as a tumor suppressor by inducing growth arrest or apoptosis during the cell cycle. Mutations of p53 are responsible for about half of all human cancers. Extensive research has been done on the resulting protein and, more specifically, the protein’s DNA binding domain. Humans have nine isoforms of p53: the … Read more

Making Online Privacy Choice Mechanisms Effective and Usable

Abstract: Following the passage of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and similar laws aimed at protecting internet users from unwillingly having their information sold to third party networks, privacy permission schemes have become increasingly relevant. There are a number of possible layouts for these schemes. However, little research has gone into their differing usability … Read more